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Welcome to Tatiana Nabieva Online, the Official Website dedicated to the talented Artistic Gymnast Tatiana! Tatiana has won three Gold Medals at the 2008 Junior European Championships in the Floor Exercise Team Finals, and All Around, and three Silver Medals in the Vault, Uneven Bars, and Balance Beam! She is also the victor for the junior competitions at the International Gymnix! Check around this website to learn more about Tatiana!

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Russian Resolution
We have added an article that dates back to 2006 in a gymnastics magazine that is sadly no longer in circulation, nor available. The article is "Russian Resolution", from the british Backflip Gymnastics Magazine.

The article talks about Backflip's visit to Ozeroe Krugloe (Round Lake) back in 2006 during the renovation period of the facility. Some of the information is outdated (For example, gymnasts don't spend 1 week each month at home anymore.) but the information about the gyms remains accurate (they were already renovated when the article was written.). It talks about other interesting topics as well about life at Round Lake. Round Lake is where I (Webmaster - Alan) will be heading to next week!

Click here to read the Russian Resolution article!

Elizabeth Booth of Rewriting Russian Gymnastics, special thanks to Lupita, posted a translated interview with Aleksandr Aleksandrov. Aleksandr talks about the results of the Olympics, the condition of the team, and differences between gymnastics in Russia and in the United States.

Click here to read the interview!
Posted on Sep 20 2012.

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Training in Spain

The Gymnasts are now enjoying a small break in Spain! There will be some time spent doing some training, mostly conditioning and other exercises to build up strength. There's no plans to train on any apparatuses however until their return to Moscow on the 17'th. (But as always.. this decision can change.)
Posted on Sep 12 2012.

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Anton Golorsutskov Retires

Sadly, Anton Golotsutskov has announced his retirement from gymnastics. Anton, two-time bronze medallist at the Beijing Olympics, was not able to compete at the London Olympics due to a prolonged recovery from a back injury. He was hospitalized for three weeks, and had to start treatment shortly afterwords. Anton wasn't able to recover on time to be chosen for the Olympic squad.

Nevertheless, Anton Golotsutskov has lived a strong career worthy of praise, bringing in home medals from virtually every big competition he has competed in within the last three years. (Medals on Vault at the past three World Championships!)

We wish Anton the best on his future endeavors and congratulate him on his successful career as a gymnast. He will surely be missed!!
Posted on Aug 22 2012.

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Small Vacation
The athletes are all now at home taking a break. They will return to training on September 3 by heading to Majorque Spain for a few weeks! They will commence training there, then return to Round Lake to continue their regular training.
Posted on Aug 12 2012.

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Tatiana Training at Round Lake
Tatiana Nabieva is presently training with the athletes selected on the Olympic Team at Round Lake. The athletes are working on a different training schedule every other day. This is neccesary to help them adapt to the conditions in London. The men's team holds one of their training sessions from 9 PM to 11! The Women's team isn't quite so dramatic, since their competition in London will be closer to the time they routinely train anyway. The adjusted training times are modelled to match the competition schedule in London.

As reported earlier, Tatiana and Yulia Inshina are the reserve gymnasts. Sadly, they won't be able to head to London this year unless called on to replace a member on the active team. It's not really a decision by the Artistic Gymnastics Federation. The Olympic Village in London (the place which the athletes stay in London) won't allow reserve athletes to stay there. Some sources say this is a new rule change. Therefore, Tatiana and teammate Yulia will remain in Round Lake with their visas, ready to come to London when called.

When Qualifications begin in London, it will be impossible to call on a reserve gymnast. Therefore, around this time, Tatiana will head home in St. Petersburg to be with her family.

Sadly, over the past year, Tatiana has been having difficulties. She has been suffering from back pains for the longest time, forcing her to retreat home on several occasions. Due to her injury and lost training time, Tatiana lost the difficulty she has been well-known for. Tatiana is a very powerful gymnast. She won a Gold at the 2010 World Championship, and let's not forget her Silver Medal at the Tokyo competition!

Thanks to several published interview with head coach Andrei Rodionenko, we understand why Tatiana didn't make it on the national team. To start, Andrei has a lot of praise for Tatiana! He recognizes that she has a strong arsenal of qualities, including her strengths on the Uneven Bars, and psychological strengths as well. He certainly wanted to take Tatiana on the national team to London! But FIG rules, that give an unfair value to an Amanar vault, has forced him to focus on gymnasts that can perform this vault. The difficulty value for a DTY (Double-Twisting Yurchenko) is 5.8. The value for an Amanar (a 2.5 Yurchenko) is much higher, at 6.8! Just one extra half twist noticeably increases the value.

The Americans, having 4 gymansts ready and capable of performing this vault, will have a significant advantage that the Russians can't afford to overlook. They must have gymansts capable of the same vault, and Tatiana has not been able to raise the difficulty of her vault on time for the Olympic trial run in Penza. Further, with new rule changes, gymnasts only run on the Vault one time, and not twice. Therefore it's critical for each gymnast to be able to land the difficult Amanar on their one and only shot on the Vault.

Andrei criticized the value score for the Amanar, saying that a gymnast can perform routines with average difficulty on the other apparatuses, and simply with the Amanar, can win a competition.

This puts gymnasts that have strong skillsets on other apparatuses, but unable to compete an Amanar at a disadvantage.

FIG has discovered this as a flaw in their new rules, and intends to change it, but by the time this was discovered, it was too late with the Olympics coming around the corner.

In short, Tatiana has strengths and great qualities deserving to be shown in London. But due to a flaw in the FIG rules overrating the Amanar, and lost training time from her injury, Tatiana couldn't make it this year.

While I am friends with all of the gymnasts and am excited about the team selected to compete at London, I have been closer friends with Tatiana and I admit I was terribly, terribly saddened when I heard she didn't make it on the team, and I still am. Without getting into much personal details, Tatiana has been the most supportive gymnast I've worked with, even at some difficult times. The same is true for her coaches. I greatly respect her, and regardless of what happens, I will continue to support her no matter what future goals she strives to achive.
Posted on Jul 19 2012.

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2 New Articles
Two new excellent articles are available to read by clicking the "Read More" button below. The interviews are entitied "We'll Win with Beauty!", and "We're Living on London Time" and features interviews with Andrei Rodionenko about the training for the upcoming Olympics.
Posted on Jul 18 2012.

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Training Update
In the latest translated interviews with Andrei Rodionenko which are posted online, we learn that the athletes are training on a different time schedule every other day. The workouts the athletes have is modelled on the competition schedule in London.

The Men's team has to adapt more than the women, as they have a workout session from 9 PM to 11 PM! The Women's team is also on a different schedule, but it isn't as much different from their native schedule, because the time the girls compete in London is closer to their routine training schedule anyway.

The athletes will be heading home straight after the podium ceremony it seems, according to a recent published interview.

The gymnasts that are on the Olympic team, and the reserve athletes are remaining in Ozeroe Krugloe and will head to London on July 21'st. The remaining members have been sent home for the time being.

You can find translated interviews entitied "We'll Win with Beauty!", and "We're Living on London Time" both on the athlete's websites, and on Aliya Mustafina Online's Facebook page.
Posted on Jul 18 2012.

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Press Day at Round Lake
Special thanks to the Artistic Gymnastics Federation of Russia, we have added photos from the Press Day event on the websites! You can click on a thumbnail below to go directly to the new photos on the athlete's respective websites.

Viktoria Komova Online:

Aliya Mustafina Online:

Tatiana Nabieva Online:

National Team Presented

The gymnasts selected for the national team were featured at a press conference in Moscow.

Click Read More to see a rough translation (credit queensblade2011)
Posted on Jul 13 2012.

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Olympic Team Announced
The Russian Olympic team has been formed! The gymnasts going to London will be Viktoria Komova, Aliya Mustafina, Anastasia Grishina, and Maria Paseka! The alternates are Tatiana Nabieva and Yulia Inshina.

Tatiana and Yulia will remain in Moscow and will be ready to head to London on call in the event that an alternate gymnast is required.

Anastasia Sidorova was on the training squad, but sadly due to back problems, she had to head home. She will be checked by doctors.

Congratulations to everyone and good luck to the team! The gymnasts will leave for London on July 21'st.
Posted on Jul 07 2012.

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